Standard Pitch Single Flight

Spiralink Bulktech - Standard Pitch, Single Screw Flight Manufacturer, Exporter in India

Standard Pitch Single Flight

Spiralink bulktech provides High quality and standard length single pitch screw flight which offers the suitable design for horizontal conveyors.

Standard Pitch Single Flight are best suitable for wide range of material in conventional applications.

The outside diameter of Standard pitch, single flight screws equal to the pitch which inclines up to 10 degrees.

Standard single flight consists of screw diameter with pitch equal to screw conveyors. This type is utilized in most typical applications with a wide range of materials or substances. These can be used in horizontal screw conveyors. The orientation of this flight can be from left side or right side but, not a combination of both.

In Standard Pitch Single Flight , the Flight have outside diameter ,exactly equal to pitch .Standard Pitch Single Flight Screws are used in Horizontal Screw Conveyors.

We SPIRALINK BULKTECH are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Standard Pitch Single Flight. These sectional screw flights used in Screw Feeder Machines for conventional purposes. They are specially designed for horizontal, vertical and inclined paths. These adjustable paddles in Standard Pitch Single Flight provides the moderate mixing and oppose the flow for sticky and viscous material.

We provide the Best quality Standard Pitch Single Flight upholded by high operational frequency. By eliminating the maunal work loads, these screw flights gives finest bulk material handling convey with efficient time.

For the most materials Standard Pitch Single Flight used for general conveying purpose. screws which equals to the screw diameters, considered as Standard Pitch Single Flight. These sectional screw flights used in cement handling, grain handling, food handling bulk material purposes.

These screw flights served in Agricultural, metal and mining ,food, building construction industries.